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Employers Overload: The Greater Toronto Area’s oldest leading employment agency providing reliable employment help services for over 58 years.

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Employers Overload strives to help clients and employees succeed, by utilizing a diligent matching process and developing strong partnerships. A high level of success in the workplace is ensured by meeting the needs of both clients and employees. Employers Overload provides “just in time” staffing for industrial general labour and administrative personnel throughout the Greater Toronto Area (GTA). EO employees provide the temporary help necessary for relief during peak work periods, allowing clients to increase productivity while maintaining efficiency. EO is pleased to provide clients with temporary help such as skilled labourers with a broad range of qualifications, to meet any job requirements. Skilled personnel are available on a timely basis whenever it is needed. Clients are provided with a seamless flow of qualified labour with the right skills and experience to meet unforeseen circumstances or projects requiring extra help.


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Employers Overload temporary help employment agency grand opening

EO Grand Opening: May 17th, 1961

Since 1961, Employers Overload has been a pioneer servicing the Greater Toronto Area in the field of temporary help. After beginning in Minneapolis, offices were opened throughout the United States. In 1961 Employers Overload opened its first employment agency office in Toronto, providing temporary help to the Toronto business community. The key to success has been the long lasting partnerships with clients, providing consistent quality and dependable service. In addition, Employers Overload takes great pride in maintaining strong relationships with employees, providing positive and rewarding work experiences.


Respect: Employers Overload holds clients and employees in the highest regard.

Transparency and Integrity: Honesty with clients and employees is of the utmost importance at Employers Overload.

Friendly, Professional Service: Clients and employees are always treated with the highest degree of courtesy and professionalism.

Communication: Ongoing interaction and communication with both clients and employees during assignments results in high productivity and employee satisfaction.