Please send all applications to the Employers Overload Internship Program to with the subject line containing “Internship” and your name.

Current Positions

Junior Recruiter

Employers Overload is providing 3, 4 and 6 month internships opportunities within our recruiting team. In this role, you will need to have good interpersonal skills and will be working closely with the Senior Recruiter to find suitable candidates for open placements.

Business Development Reps

Employers Overload is providing 3, 4 and 6 month internship opportunities within our sales team. In this role, you will need to reach out to prospective clients through various channels (Cold Calls, Email Campaigns, In-person appointments). You will be working closely with the sales manager to generate new leads and help grow the client pool.

Why Intern at Employers Overload?


Employers Overload believes it is important to treat every employee as a member of our family. Since our founding in 1961, Employers Overload has continued to grow its family of employees across the GTA, but still maintains the positive aspects of a small business. Walk through the Employers Overload office and you will see everyone’s doors open. We believe that this creates an inclusive environment for open discussion between employees of any level. Our open door policy allows for innovation in the workplace in every facet, we see our work-space as an area to learn and grow from each other, not only professionally, but also personally.


Employers Overload has prided itself on reliability for 60 years. Our parts have been reliable to customers due to our detailed quality control process that is undergone by every single part that goes out to a customer. Our employees have been reliable for their hard work and dedication to our company and our company is reliable back to the employees through our annual bonuses, job security, and doing what is said will be done.


Employers Overload believes in partnering with local high-schools and universities to develop apprenticeship and internship programs. We pride ourselves in offering opportunities that will allow students to be fully engaged within their department and to take on projects that will not only benefit the organization, but will also help give them exposure to a true business environment.


Our values have always stood for one thing above all – and that is quality of service, and people. We believe that to be successful quality must transcend all parts of a company. Furthermore, at Employers Overload we believes that a positive culture is necessary to a company as it is in a family. Everyday is meant to be seen as empowering when you are a part of our team.