5G3Z7532-13jan12(66).jpgCORE VALUES

Employers Overload places great value on its long term client relationships and has worked with many clients for more than 50 years. Strong client relationships are developed by working professionally and tirelessly to meet client needs, with honesty and integrity.


We understand that hiring the right employee is vital for a successful business. EO therefore provides employees with the right skills and experience for every job, by thoroughly interviewing, screening and qualifying applicants. Clients are provided with quality employees who are well-trained and dependable. Employers Overload also provides WHMIS training to all employees to ensure the health and safety of employees in the workplace.


Employers Overload understands that time is of the essence when hiring temporary employees. EO therefore provides 24/7 service to its clients to ensure their staffing needs are met. Candidates are available for work placements that meet with client’s ever changing needs, from a day or week assignment, to a month or longer. Temporary to permanent options are available for those clients who want to make a permanent job offer to an EO employee.

Employers Overload assists its clients by taking care of all standard payroll deductions.

Reliability of employees is ensured by offering a shuttle service for rush needs and large volume positions or for locations that are inaccessible by public transportation. First time employees are accompanied to their assignments and introduced to their supervisor by a member of the EO team.


Employers Overload believes that flexibility is fundamental when coordinating a payment schedule. EO therefore works with its clients to fit into their schedules, providing a convenient and efficient staffing experience.

Master Time Sheet – EO maintains a master time sheet for all candidates to keep track of daily work schedules. A company representative signs the time sheet to ensure the accuracy of the hours worked.

Invoicing – Invoicing is computed weekly based on confirmed hourly rates.

Overtime – Overtime is billed at time and a half or 1.5 times the hourly rate. Weekly hours are based on hours worked from Monday – Sunday. Hours in excess of 44 during this time period are calculated accordingly. If an employer chooses to pay overtime on less than 44 hours, it can be accommodated with prior notification.