Risk and Safety Management

Our staffing solutions seek to build productive relationships that foster a safer work environment for our clients and their employees.

At Employers Overload, we’re constantly connecting our staffing solutions with mitigating risk for our clients. With 50 years of expertise, our team identifies the skills required to perform a particular job and is dedicated to finding the right individuals to do it. By applying our knowledge of how staffing solutions can minimize workplace risks for all employees, we add value to our customers’ businesses.

As part of our risk and safety management services, our team:

  • Offer recommendations on practices that keep workers safer.
  • Identifies long-term safety and risk management goals for our clients.
  • Providing the research, data and other tools to track injuries, monitor risks and be cognizant of what leads to a safer workplace.
  • Illustrates the economic benefit in terms of reduced medical expenses and limited absences.

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